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Best Resistance Bands For Beginners 2022

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Looking to up your fitness game, but don’t want to make a large investment in a year long gym membership or some home workout equipment? Maybe you’re a bit more experienced and you’re looking to add some accessory work to your current workout routine. Regardless of your experience or current level of fitness, I guarantee there’s a resistance band out there that can help you get to the fitness goals you want to achieve: and the goal of this post is to lay out the best resistance bands for beginners.

In my opinion, this is the beauty of resistance bands – no matter who you are, you can seamlessly incorporate them into any workout you desire. If you’re a weights warrior, add them to your squat or bench press to work on your explosiveness. If you’re recovering from an injury, they can be a great way to rehab your weak muscles back into shape. And if you just want to get a good workout with just a band, you can target any muscle group you’d like through hundreds of different exercises.

Bottom Line

The list of different types of resistance bands you’ll find on the internet is just as long as the list of exercises, but picking the right band for you is all that matters.

  • For a targeted glute workout, you’ll want to look at our WYOX Booty Band review.
  • For building muscle, it’s a different story–take a look at the Serious Steel Resistance Bands to learn more.
  • Our Best Overall pick goes to and our Best Budget choice winner is the Fit Simply Resistance Loop.

Best Budget Resistance Band Set: Fit Simplify Resistance Loop

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  • Comes with instruction guide and workout videos.
  • All of resistances are in a relatively light range; perfect for beginners and injury recovery.
  • Great price for value

Read the full review below.

Best Resistance Band Set Overall: WODFitters

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  • Fantastic overall band that can suit the needs of anyone from beginner to expert powerlifter;
  • Capable of performing a wide range of exercises ranging from free weight to weight assisted;
  • Fantastic durability no matter the exercise.

Read the full review below.

Best Resistance Band Set for Targeting Glutes and Legs: WYOX Booty Band

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  • Designed specifically for glute and leg exercises;
  • Much more comfortable than latex or spandex varieties;
  • Band is quite durable – common that it lasts several years.

Read the full review below.

Best Resistance Band Set for Building Muscle: Serious Steel Resistance Bands

Check on Amazon


  • Thickest and heaviest band on the market;
  • Holds fast to a barbell, doesn’t slip during heavy weight exercises;
  • Can be stretched to capacity without rolling.

Read the full review below.

Best Budget Resistance Band Set

Fit Simply Resistance Loop

Quick Glance: Fit Simply Resistance Loop is a great budget set of resistance bands for anyone who wants to incorporate fully body band work, but doesn’t want to shell out big for a set. Also great for beginners because of the included instructional and workout guides.

Who Should Buy

Those of you working out on a budget, just getting into fitness, or recovering from an injury.

Tech Specs:

  • 2″ x 12″ for each band
  • Resistances: – Green (x-light) 2 – 4 lbs (thickness is 0.4 mm) – Blue (light) 6 – 8 lbs (thickness is 0.60 mm) – Yellow (medium) 10 – 12 lbs (thickness is 0.80 mm) – Red (heavy) 15 – 20 lbs (thickness is 1.0 mm) – Black (x-heavy) 25 – 30 lbs (thickness is 1.2 mm)
  • Material: Latex
  • Lifetime guarantee: Yes
  • Category: Therapy Band

Full Review

This resistance band package has a little bit of everything, and comes in at a very low price. The Fit Simply resistance bands come in a package of 5, meaning you’re paying just over $2 per band. These bands range in resistance from 2 pounds to 30 pounds, and are quite thin, making it easy to combine multiple bands to find the exact desired resistance level. The 2-pound resistance of the lightest band is lower than most other ranges on the market, making the Fit Simply loops ideal for beginners and those recovering from injury as well as those of us working out on a budget.

The flexibility of these bands and the varying resistances that you are purchasing means that these bands can be used for nearly any body weight exercise. If you’re unsure where to start, there’s also an instruction guide as well as an exercise demonstration video included with the purchase, another feature making these bands quite beginner friendly.

One negative aspect of the thin nature of these bands is that they are more prone to wear and tear damage than some of the more heavy-duty bands on this list. The latex material of the Fit Simply bands allows them to be quite malleable, but also makes the bands more prone to “roll” over itself when stretching the bands to their capacity. If you’re looking to supplement your squat or bench press with bands, this can be quite annoying, and abrasive use will wear these bands out quickly. If you’re instead planning to do body weight work or supplement your next Pilates or yoga workout, these are an ideal set of bands that won’t dent the wallet.


  • One of few available sets that comes with instruction guide and workout videos. Need no previous knowledge to use.
  • All of resistances are in a relatively light range; perfect for beginners and injury recovery. Still gives you a good challenge to work up to (30 lb. black band)
  • Great price for value


  • Can roll during strenuous work, especially if you expect to be stretching them to capacity.
  • More limited than fit loop style bands.
  • Does not support weight for pull up assistance, not ideal for heavyweight training

Best Resistance Band Set Overall


Quick Glance: WODFitters is a fantastic overall band that will last you years. Capable of performing all resistance band exercises.

Who Should Buy:

Anyone looking to make a one time purchase of bands that will last them at least several years.

Tech Specs:

  • Each band has a thickness of 4.5mm
  • Resistances & Length: – Red (light) 10 – 35 pounds | ½” x 40 – Black (medium) 30 – 60 pounds | ¾” x 38 – Purple (heavy) 40 – 80 pounds | 1.25” x 36 – Green (x-heavy) 50 – 125 pounds | 1.75” x 34
  • Material: Latex
  • 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Category: Fit Loop

Full Review

For the absolute best overall resistance band, my choice has to be the WOD Fitters. I’ve been using a set of these bands in my personal workout routine for a couple of years now, and I absolutely love the durability of these bands, as well as the versatility that they offer.

When it comes to versatility, there isn’t a thing these bands can’t do. They can help the fitness amateur to do more pullups and they can be added to weight lifts to give even the most seasoned lifter a tougher workout. This versatility comes from WOD’s ability to find a great middle ground with these bands. While they have the strength to supplement power lifting, the bands aren’t quite as thick or heavy as more dedicated powerlifting bands, meaning that they can still be wrapped around knees, backs, and elbows without causing much discomfort.

The great thickness-to-resistance level of these bands also makes them incredibly easy to stack on top of one another. The WOD Fitters resistance bands set comes in a pack of 4, and I often use two bands at once. I never have dealt with annoying rolling or tangles that seems to happen from bands of a lower quality.

The only downsides I can really see in the WOD Fitters is that they don’t specialize in anything in particular. They are much pricier than my budget recommendation, and they’re not as comfortable as the booty builders, and not as strong as the Serious Steel bands. That being said, if you are looking for the highest quality multi-purpose bands on the market; look no further.


  • Fantastic overall band that can suit the needs of anyone from beginner to expert powerlifter
  • Capable of performing a wide range of exercises ranging from free weight to weight assisted
  • Fantastic durability no matter what your exercise is


  • Jack of all trades, perhaps a specialist in none

Best Resistance Band Set for Targeting Glutes and Legs

WYOX Booty Band

Quick Glance: The ideal band for anyone looking to do any kind of glute, leg, or hip work. The WYOX Booty Band was designed specifically for this purpose, and offer supreme comfort and design.

Who Should Buy:

Anyone out there looking to develop those leg and booty muscles. If you place a premium on the comfort of your bands, these are for you.

Tech Specs:

  • 3″ x 15”
  • Resistance: 10-30 pounds
  • Material: Elasticized fabric w/ non-slip rubber strip
  • Lifetime guarantee: Yes
  • Category: Modified Fit Loop


  • Designed specifically for glute and leg exercises
  • Much more comfortable than latex or spandex varieties
  • Band is quite durable – common that it lasts several years


  • Not a great band for other kinds of band work – this was specifically designed for glute/leg work, and works best in this niche

A question that seems to get asked frequently on fitness forums is “what is the best resistance band for targeting my glutes and legs?” Is anyone surprised? Who doesn’t want to have toned legs with beach bod season rolling right around the corner? The answer that I always give when this question is asked about resistance bands is: something in the middle. Bands that are too light don’t provide enough resistance to give your glutes a deep burn, but bands that are thick and heavy are quite cumbersome to keep taking on and off of your legs repeatedly.

Another important factor to consider is bands with a material that does not irritate the skin. The insides of most legs are quite sensitive, and you don’t want to use any band that makes it easy to chafe.

In my opinion, the best band to satisfy all these criteria is the WYOX Booty Band. WYOX makes quality band products across the board, and I love that they’ve decided to introduce a product specifically targeted at building the glutes and leg muscles. The WYOX Booty Bands address all of the criteria that makes an elite glute band. The bands offer a high level of resistance perfect for building leg muscle, all while not being too bulky and quite easy to take on and off. The WYOX Booty Bands are also made out of a stretchy fabric which feels much nicer on your thighs than spandex or latex.

Unlike other products review on here, the WYOX Booty Band comes with just one band. Although this may seem like a disadvantage, if you are just looking to target glutes and legs, then one band is really all you need. Resistance can be added or subtracted simply by adjusting the distance between your legs during exercises. The Teknifit works with virtually any glute or leg exercise from clamshells to hip abductions to body weight squats.

The biggest downside with this product is the same reason why it is so effective in its niche – it is very one dimensional. If you are buying these bands just to work on your hips, glutes, and legs, then I truly believe there is no better product on the market. The Booty Bands offer an elite combination of comfort, resistance, durability, and ease of use that were specifically designed for this use. If you want to buy a resistance band that is better capable to provide a full body workout, then this band may not be right for you.

Best Resistance Band Set for Building Muscle

Serious Steel Resistance Bands

Quick glance: Serious Steel provides the power and durability that I look for in my heavy-duty powerlifting bands. These things are thick and you never feel like they are going to slip during even the heaviest of lifts. Great durability considering the wear and tear that these will take from a serious lifter.

Who Should Buy:

Powerlifters looking to add explosiveness to their squat, bench press, and deadlift.

Tech Specs:

  • 3″ x 40″ for each band
  • Resistances – Purple (x-Light) 5 – 35 lbs (thickness is 12 mm) – Red (Light) 10 – 50 lbs (thickness is 22 mm) – Blue (Medium) 25 – 80 lbs (thickness is 28 mm) – Green (Heavy) 50 – 120 lbs (thickness is 44 mm) – Black (x-Heavy) 60 – 150 lbs (thickness is 63 mm) – Purchased Separately
  • Material: Latex
  • Lifetime guarantee: Yes
  • Category: Fit Loop


  • Thickest and heaviest band on the market
  • Holds fast to a barbell, doesn’t slip during heavy weight exercises
  • Can be stretched to capacity without rolling


  • Thick and heavy bands are quite cumbersome if tied around your body instead of a barbell.

For you mass monsters out there looking to add resistance to your power lifts, the Serious Steel resistance bands are my choice as the best band for supplementing a heavy weight lifting regimen. These bands are the thickest on the market, and Serious Steel’s heaviest band offers a whopping 150 pounds of resistance, by far the heaviest resistance offered from major brands.

For powerlifting, it’s really important that the bands stay in place throughout the duration of the exercise, even small movements can throw off the weight when doing a heavy bench press or squat. I love the thickness of these bands because when I attach them to a barbell to add resistance to a squat or bench press, they never roll up on themselves, and I’m never worried about them snapping. The latex that makes the bands is so thick that it never becomes porous even when stretched to capacity. I’ve witnessed these things take an absolute beating and return right back to their pre-used state.

Being tailored specifically for muscle building means that these bands many not work as well in other areas. The bands are bigger and bulkier than most on the market, making them slightly more inconvenient to travel with and more cumbersome to get on and off of your body if you’re using them for bodyweight exercises. A starting resistance of 15 pounds also makes these bands less than ideal for light weight accessory work – like shoulders, and means these bands aren’t exactly beginner friendly.

What is a resistance band?

A resistance band is an elastic band commonly used for strength training, stretching, and rehabilitation from injury. The key features of a resistance band are their ability to provide increasing resistance when stretched out and the ability to return to starting form when released. Resistance bands have exploded in popularity in the fitness world, and recently have become staples of general fitness.

There are several different types of resistance bands, each which has different features and capabilities. These include, but are not limited to, therapy bands, fit loops, and compact resistance bands.

What is the point of a resistance band?

The recent surge in popularity of resistance bands is not for nothing – resistance bands offer incredible flexibility, weight, and ease of use. Their incredible flexibility means that you can target nearly any muscle group that you’d like. Resistance bands can be used on their own as a body weight workout, or combined with weights for a tougher challenge. The weight and size of resistance bands is quite minimal, making them very easy to travel with. Finally, resistance bands are not difficult to use. There are many exercises that are beginner friendly and they offer a nice progression as you advance from novice to expert.

What are the disadvantages of a resistance band?

Resistance bands are not the end all be all for fitness. They are nice for toning muscle, but cannot provide everything on their own. Resistance bands don’t provide much cardio, and do not offer serious strength training on their own.

How to choose a resistance band

Hopefully these recommended products will give you a good starting point when choosing the resistance band that is most ideal for your needs. More generally speaking, it is important to match the type of resistance band you are buying with your fitness goals and needs.

Therapy Band – The lightest of all resistance bands, therapy bands are ideal for beginners and those focusing on injury rehabilitation. They will not be able to support you for assisted pull-ups, nor are they a good band to supplement weight lifting.

Compact Resistance Band – The compact resistance bands rocks handles on each end, making it one of the best resistance bands for upper body work.

Fit Loop Band – The most “standard” resistance band. The fit loop band is a continuous flat loop that takes an oval shape when laid out. The most versatile of all resistance bands, I would almost always recommend this type of band for anyone looking to get a general fitness workout.

Summing Up

Whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between, resistance bands are an excellent addition to your workout regime. These things are flexible, dependable, and won’t put too big of a dent in your wallet. If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, get a resistance band today!

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