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Best Outdoor Volleyball Nets 2022 [Backyard, Beach, Tournament Setups & More]

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When the weather is nice, the grass is fresh (or the sand is heating up), there’s nothing better than being able to get outdoors and play some volley.

Volleyball nets and court space aren’t like basketball courts though. Unless you own the keys to your local sports gym (or have a friend with a court!) you may need to look into getting an outdoor net set-up of your own. Whether you’re looking to train some extra serve and attack reps solo through the summer or want to challenge the family or neighborhood to a friendly match: let’s take a look through the best Outdoor volleyball net systems for volleyball players who need some extra volley outside of regular training and competition hours.

Bottom Line

The main factors to consider when browsing an outdoor volleyball net system are durability, ease of assembly, storage, affordability and any special features that might make them stand out. We’ve broken up our reviews into these categories to make it simpler for you, and to save some time, here’s a summary of how our research results came out.

Best Overall: Vermont Portable Volleyball Set

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Very lightweight
Our pick for cushion
Struggles with traction

Full review below.

Best All-Inclusive: Baden Champions Volleyball Set

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Includes everything
Great durability and stability
Maximum net tension
Easy setup

Full review below

Most Durable: Park and Sun Outdoor Volleyball Net System

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Great traction
Great flexibility
The heaviest of the five options

Full review below

Best Budget-Friendly: Franklin Sports Volleyball Net

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Great traction
Great flexibility

Full review below

Enough for the preview. Let’s get into the reviews. Here are out top 4 best outdoor volleyball nets, for beach, backyard and tournament play.

Best Outdoor Volleyball Net 2022: Overall (Editor’s Choice)

Vermont Portable Volleyball Set

You can easily create a professional volleyball court set up anywhere in no time with Vermont’s Portable set-up. The set includes aluminum heavy-duty telescopic posts that are adjustable to match your needs; 3 different height settings for men and women: 8ft, 7ft 8in, and 7ft 4in. These robust yet lightweight 48mm wide posts make this set suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It features an FIVB regulation 28ft net that is crafted from twisted 2.5mm 45ply polyethylene for great durability and tension. Plus, the PVC banding on the net makes it solid enough to withstand the ball’s impacts. The stability of the net is ensured by 6mm braided ropes, metal pole plates, and ground pegs. What’s more in the package? It also includes 53ft x 26ft weaving tape for marking court size. Despite being very heavy-duty and durable, the whole set is extremely lightweight, easy to assemble, and disassemble, so you can easily carry anywhere on the go.

The Vermont portable is an ideal choice for all volleyball enthusiasts who are looking for a portable net set to carry anywhere; sports events, volleyball clubs, picnic, beach, parks, and many more places.

Who Should Buy?
This is for anyone who is craving something legitimate for their after-hours reps and efforts. With tournament height settings, great durability and storage–this is a set you can keep for many years of volley to come.

Technical Specs:

  • Easy Assembly: 4.5/5
  • Durability: 4.8/5
  • Storage: 4.6/5
  • Affordability: 4/5
  • Special Feature: 3 adjustable height selections.


  • Height adjustment options
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Weather-proof net
  • Ideal for backyard and grass volley setups.


  • No volleyball included

Best All-Inclusive Volleyball Set 2022

Baden Champions Volleyball Set

What makes this our top pick is that Baden Champions set has everything you require to start a volleyball game. It comes with regulation size 32’ by 3’ sleeve-type net that is built from weather-proof nylon to handle even the hardest spikes. Designed for recreational gameplay outdoors, the setup is very easy and simple. Thanks to the 2 adjustable 1.5’’ steel poles, these heavy-duty poles are powder-coated that makes them weather and rust-resistant. Besides, the 10’’ durable metal stakes will keep the whole net system secure and stable. You can quickly achieve maximum tension with the easy pull-down quick-tension handles.

To make your game more professional with territory markings, Baden’s has also included an 180 feet orange boundary webbing. Since there’s no volleyball game without a ball, the set comes with premium Baden’s ball and pump. At last, this net set is portable enough to pack it in a weather-proof carrying bag provided.

If you want to turn the backyard into a fun place where you and your family can enjoy volleyball together during summertime, then Baden Champions set is the right choice. Best for 2 to 4 players!

Who Should Buy?

If you’re looking for an all-in-one deal that will get you through till next competitive season, this is an excellent first stop.

Technical Specs:

  • Easy Assembly: 4.4/5
  • Durability: 4.4/5
  • Storage: 4.5/5
  • Affordability: 4.7/5
  • Special Feature: Includes ball, pump, boundary line, and everything needed.


  • Powder-coated metal poles and stakes
  • Solid net
  • Easy to set up in backyard and beaches
  • Reasonable price


  • Stakes may come out of the ground on rough play

Most Durable Volleyball Net System 2022

Park & Sun Outdoor Volleyball Net

Durability, robust, and solid components are essential when we want volleyball net for tournament or league use. Park & Sun Sports provides tournament flex complete volleyball system that comes with aluminum 1 3/4’’ wide 2 telescopic posts. They feature a unique push-pin lock system to adjust to any of the 3 height settings; men, women, or co-ed.

Its sleeve reinforced net of size 32′ by 3′ is made from nylon blend and has 2” blue binding bottom and top tape, so the net is tough to stand-up most vigorous play. Plus, this net will remain taut during the rough game, credits to the included tension rings (pull-down), and quick-adjusting 0.25” dual guide lines. You’ll also get 4 zinc-plated and rust-resistant stakes for enhanced stability.

When there’s a competitive-level game, the court setup should look professional. This is achieved by 60′ L x 30′ W boundary. A soft-touch 18 panel volleyball included has less impact on arms and wrists while hitting. Pump up the ball whenever required with the compact hand pump provided. All the components can easily be stored in a zippered bag made of polyester that makes it convenient for you to carry and travel.

Who Should Buy?

If you are looking for a professional, competitive, and tournament level volleyball system that can resist rough play without any wear and tear but is also easy to set up, then it is a perfect choice.

Technical Specs:

  • Easy Assembly: 4.8/5
  • Durability: 4.3/5
  • Storage: 4.5/5
  • Affordability: 4.2/5
  • Special Feature: Includes all volleyball game gear and equipment.


  • Tough and solid net
  • Easy setup
  • Poles height can be adjusted


  • Not the cheapest option on our list

Best Budget-Friendly Volleyball Net 2022

Franklin Sports Outdoor Backyard Volleyball Net

You can step-up your volleyball game to a professional level with this affordable Franklin Sports all-inclusive net set. Buying this set means you get everything to start a volleyball game. The PVC plastic made telescopic poles with 1.25’ diameter adds to the stability while these can’t be adjusted to different heights levels. 30’’ by 2’’ net is tapped from all 4 sides to handle spikes with its inner-tech net mesh design.

To keep it taut during tough gameplay, it includes 6 net clips to ensure maximum tension. Also, there are 8’’ 6 steel stakes with 5mm double braided ropes to securely anchor the net. You can’t play volleyball without a ball so it includes synthetic rubber soft 8.24’’ wide volleyball with an air pump as well as a needle to inflate it.
A deluxe nylon bag not only makes it great for taking kit on the go but also storing it when you’re done playing volleyball.

Who Should Buy?

If you have a limited budget but still want to buy a professional volleyball net set, then this is a great option for you. Perfect for backyard and beach!

Technical Specs:

  • Easy Assembly: 4.7/5
  • Durability: 4.2/5
  • Storage: 4.2/5
  • Affordability: 4.6/5
  • Special Feature: Inner tech mesh net design.


  • Easy to assemble
  • lightweight and portable
  • Great tension


  • Intended for recreational use only

Buyer’s Guide

Before you make a purchase, it is important to consider a few things because nobody buys a volleyball net system every month; it’s a one-time investment.

Recreational or Competitive Play

If you want to buy a volleyball net system for recreational purposes only, then posts and net height don’t need to match. This allows you to play other sports like tennis and badminton with the same net. Things are different when it comes to competitive volleyball; it requires the net to at specific heights for men and women according to FIVB regulations.

The net system should have telescopic poles so adjust the pole height with the same net height. Also, make sure that the net is solid and durable in order to withstand tough play.

Portable or In-Ground Volleyball System

The in-ground system offers permanent installation of the net to your backyard or volleyball clubs which requires drilling and cementing to anchor posts securely into the floor for years. However, this type of net system is non-moveable but very durable and stable for competitive volleyball purposes.

On the other hand, the portable net systems are mobile and versatile as these require no drilling. They are easy to set up as well as easy to store in a carrying case that you can take to the beach, pool, backyard, and many more places. The posts bases are either filled with water or sand but there are floor anchoring options as well for greater stability.

Portable or In-Ground Volleyball System

Though indoor volleyball nets are common since most people don’t have that spacious indoor area to play volleyball, but there are some indoor models to install in schools, gym, and sports courts. If you intend to buy a net for outdoor in your backyard, park, or beach, it is better to go for net components that are UV-resistant, rust-proof, and withstand all outdoor conditions like heavy showers and heat.

Ease of Setup

Opt for the volleyball net system that is easy to set up in just a few minutes. Your family or friends won’t like waiting for a complex setup that takes more time when they are all eager to play. Look for a system that has an easy and simple assembly to save setup time. A volleyball system that takes 7-10 minutes for set up in the park or backyard is a big NO!


When we talk about volleyball net system durability, it includes both the net and poles construction. The sleeve-design net crafted from usually from nylon or polyethylene. The polyethylene mesh net is more prone to cracking due to its flexible and soft nature while nylon made volleyball net is most durable with great abrasion resistance. For most durability and stability, some nets have additional kevlar threads.

The poles or posts are constructed from various materials that include PVC, steel, carbon, and aluminum. PVC telescopic posts are the lightest of all but they aren’t very strong. Aluminum poles are also lightweight and easy to transport but as durable as steel poles. Despite being solid and durable, the steel poles are heavier and often used for competitive play nets. On the other hand, carbon fiber poles are extremely lightweight yet strong but they are expensive.

How To Put Up a Volleyball Net in Your Yard

To put up volleyball net correctly in your yard, follow the four simple steps below:

  1. At first, roll out the entire net and insert poles at both the right and left side of the net by sliding them through vertical pockets. Make sure you have all components required for setting up a net.
  2. Securely attach double net strings or braided ropes on the smaller eye-bolts provided on top of each pole. Move the adjuster rings to the middle of the ropes to adjust tension later on.
  3. Adjust the height of the pole depending on your needs and then up the whole system to attach it to the ground. Hook the guide ropes into the ground via steel stakes at 30ₒ angle with a hammer or hand. Repeat this with the other side of the net.
  4. Now, you have to tighten the net using the adjuster to keep it taut with maximum tension. This completes the volleyball net setup process.

How High Does a Volleyball Net Need To Be?

The competitive volleyball net’s height for young women should be 2.24m or 7′ 4 1/8″ whereas for men, it is 2.43m or 7’ 11 5/8’’. The volleyball net height varies depending on age and gender. Refer to the table below to set the net height according to or your age group. However, if you are playing for recreational purposes, set the net at any height you or your friends prefer to play.

Volleyball Net heights by Age and gender. Download • 5KB

How Far Apart Should Volleyball Posts Be?

The Volleyball game requires a rectangular field of about 18m long x 9m wide without any obstructed area in surrounding. 2 rods or antennae are 32 inches tall from the net’s top and 30 feet apart. The maximum height for volleyball net posts is 8ft 4in and should be kept 36ft apart according to FIVB.

How Much Is a Volleyball Net?

Tournament volleyball nets must be of 31’’ long, 6’’ wide, and 33’’ high, and so cost a little more. If you want to purchase a separate volleyball net, then you can easily get it under $100 whereas a complete volleyball net system ranges from a reasonable $80 and goes up to $300 that includes premium high-end sets.

What’s the Best Backyard Volleyball Net System?

The best volleyball net system for your backyard is Baden Champions Volleyball Set that is not only affordable but also very durable, lightweight, and portable. Best for outdoor use; it comes with regulation size net and adjustable heavy-duty steel poles for either recreational or competitive play. Moreover, the setup is easy and simple.

What Is Stakeless Volleyball Net?

A stakeless volleyball net is the one that doesn’t use guy wires, steel or aluminum stakes to peg the braided ropes into the ground. Some of the stakeless volleyball nets have posts embedded in cement or concrete-filled tires or self-supporting poles on grass or sand. One such example is Cobra Sports Net.

What Shoes Should I Wear for Outdoor Volleyball?

The shoes you wear for a volleyball game must provide the necessary support one requires to play dynamic and fast-moving sport. Look for the one that offers more stability, flexibility, cushioning, and maximum grip for easy and quick direction change. This prevents ankle or knee injuries during play. Lightweight and breathability are also important factors to look in shoes for outdoor sports.

Summing Up

Volleyball is one of the most played sports among youth all around the world. Of course, who doesn’t love playing volleyball with classmates, friends, colleagues, or your kids? But now you can enjoy volleyball games in your own backyard by buying the best volleyball net system that is portable and easy to set up in just a matter minutes.

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